More pink beer for the ladies?

Kasteel Cru beer in its little pretend champagne bottle
Kas­teel Cru beer in its lit­tle pre­tend cham­pagne bot­tle

Mar­ket­ing mag­a­zine brings news this week of a new pink ver­sion of Kas­teel Cru, aimed at women. They’re call­ing it a ‘rose’. Where does the idea that women will only drink pink beer come from…? Gulpen­er seem to have the same idea, too.

Kas­teel Cru is a quite pleas­ant if unex­cit­ing lager made with cham­pagne yeast, so already aimed square­ly at peo­ple who don’t like big pints of ale.

Still, bet­ter than putting brown food colour­ing in wine to make blokes drink it, eh?

6 thoughts on “More pink beer for the ladies?”

  1. I read some­where that more women would con­sid­er drink­ing real ale if it were pre­sent­ed in a nicer glass. Stemmed half glass­es look quite nice although they’re over­sized and they don’t look like a full half to me.

  2. My good lady friend had a half in one quite recent­ly and I thought it looked quite nice.

    It could be a good way to get peo­ple to get more ladies to try prop­er beer, it’s often the small changes that make the biggest impact.

  3. Per­son­al­ly, I’m a mas­sive fan of stemmed glass­es, but I don’t know if that’s being a lady or just because I think pre­sen­ta­tion is impor­tant. I like the “over­siz­ing” – means you can get a decent head on it. I hate get­ting a half in a tooth­brush glass with a thin lay­er of scum on top, mas­querad­ing as a head.

    I think real ale works quite nice­ly in a stemmed glass or even a chal­ice. Fuller’s have some nice glass­ware for the ESB and the Porter, it makes them both look like a deca­dent Bel­gian treat.

    You’ll notice that in most of the pho­tos we take of beer we’ve tast­ed we use stem glass­es.

  4. I bought a few bot­tles of Schmuck­er Rosé Bock last week. I don’t know if they are try­ing to “lady-fy” it, but it cer­tain­ly was­n’t pink when poured. Was­n’t exact­ly a sum­mer quencher either 😀

  5. One of the many great things about drink­ing in Bel­gium is the glass­es they serve beer in, many of them stemmed, and all cus­tomers are served with them. I like an over­sized glass but am hap­py to just have the ‘scum’ on top, but that’s the per­verse bug­ger I am.

  6. I’m fond of stemmed glass­es myself. There is a cer­tain ele­gance about them which I find appeal­ing. But all the fan­cy glass­ware in the world won’t help if the beer is bug­gered with arti­fi­cial flavours.

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