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More pink beer for the ladies?

Kasteel Cru beer in its little pretend champagne bottle
Kasteel Cru beer in its little pretend champagne bottle

Marketing magazine brings news this week of a new pink version of Kasteel Cru, aimed at women. They’re calling it a ‘rose’. Where does the idea that women will only drink pink beer come from…? Gulpener seem to have the same idea, too.

Kasteel Cru is a quite pleasant if unexciting lager made with champagne yeast, so already aimed squarely at people who don’t like big pints of ale.

Still, better than putting brown food colouring in wine to make blokes drink it, eh?

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I read somewhere that more women would consider drinking real ale if it were presented in a nicer glass. Stemmed half glasses look quite nice although they’re oversized and they don’t look like a full half to me.

My good lady friend had a half in one quite recently and I thought it looked quite nice.

It could be a good way to get people to get more ladies to try proper beer, it’s often the small changes that make the biggest impact.

Personally, I’m a massive fan of stemmed glasses, but I don’t know if that’s being a lady or just because I think presentation is important. I like the “oversizing” – means you can get a decent head on it. I hate getting a half in a toothbrush glass with a thin layer of scum on top, masquerading as a head.

I think real ale works quite nicely in a stemmed glass or even a chalice. Fuller’s have some nice glassware for the ESB and the Porter, it makes them both look like a decadent Belgian treat.

You’ll notice that in most of the photos we take of beer we’ve tasted we use stem glasses.

I bought a few bottles of Schmucker Rosé Bock last week. I don’t know if they are trying to “lady-fy” it, but it certainly wasn’t pink when poured. Wasn’t exactly a summer quencher either 😀

One of the many great things about drinking in Belgium is the glasses they serve beer in, many of them stemmed, and all customers are served with them. I like an oversized glass but am happy to just have the ‘scum’ on top, but that’s the perverse bugger I am.

I’m fond of stemmed glasses myself. There is a certain elegance about them which I find appealing. But all the fancy glassware in the world won’t help if the beer is buggered with artificial flavours.

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