New Tricks: an episode for beer geeks

Amanda Redman and Dennis Waterman in New Tricks
Aman­da Red­man and Den­nis Water­man in New Tricks

Last Monday’s edi­tion of New Tricks focused on beer and brew­eries. The sto­ry was ludi­crous even by the usu­al stan­dards of this pro­gramme (which we kind of like…). It had the team inves­ti­gat­ing the 10-year-old case of the death of a promis­ing young brew­er in a fer­men­ta­tion ves­sel at a tra­di­tion­al fam­i­ly brew­ery. How­ev­er daft the plot, which fea­tures a secret beer recipe, argu­ments over the prove­nance of the malt, and brew­ing dynas­ti­cism, there’s plen­ty for the beer geek to enjoy:

  • try­ing to guess which brew­ery they used for film­ing;
  • pon­der­ing which indus­tri­al brew­ers would real­ly be using open fer­men­ta­tion ves­sels in this day and age;
  • prod­uct place­ment for Fullers, Theak­stons and pos­si­bly Spe­cial Brew (although has that become a gener­ic term for super-strength crap lager now?);
  • won­der­ing whether they filmed the beer fes­ti­val scene at a real fes­ti­val or just got CAMRA to help with posters etc;
  • lazy stereo­types about gas­tro pubs vs tra­di­tion­al booz­ers (Eg gas­tro = female friend­ly and crap beer); and
  • old codgers com­plain­ing that the beer doesn’t taste as good as it used to.

You can enjoy it for your­self through BBC I-play­er. But you’ve only got until 21:00 on Mon­day 11th.

7 thoughts on “New Tricks: an episode for beer geeks”

  1. Can you not get your new bezzy mates Oz and James to blag you the DVD?

    Yes, we should have added that I-play­er is in the­o­ry only avail­able to those who’ve paid their licence fee. Actu­al­ly, it’s avail­able to any­one whose serv­er thinks it’s in the UK.

  2. I’m not sure my geek cre­den­tials need enhanc­ing how­ev­er, Theak­stons use some open fer­menters includ­ing a cou­ple of York­shire squares.

  3. Didn’t think of that. Though May promised me on cam­era a case of the bit­ter he brewed. Then he and his min­ions dis­ap­peared into the night with­out tak­ing con­tact details. I’m hop­ing they’ll be sent care of the Bull & Cas­tle or else The Sun will be hear­ing all about it…

  4. Yup, the brew­ery was Fuller’s – the scene nine min­utes in where “Sir Fred­die” offers the lads a drink is in the Hock Cel­lar at the Grif­fin brew­ery, and the “gas­trop­ub” they go into, which may be the George & Devon­shire, has a huge repro­duc­tion on one wall of a famous old pic­ture of Fuller’s brew­ery work­ers from the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry.

    Who remem­bers the edi­tion of Inspec­tor Morse which fea­tured scenes shot at Brakpear’s Hen­ley brew­ery and McMullen’s?

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