Weird marketing from St Austell

A vicar in front of a pub

St Austell have taken to spamming us with press releases (a bit annoying, but we do like the beer, so what the hey).

The above photo is part of their latest weird attempt to generate interest in the beer. To cut a long story short, the local vicar did a service in a pub.

Frankly, Stella Artois might taste rancid, but their marketeers know how to make a silk purse from the proverbial sow’s ear. St Austell’s, on the other hand… their beer is fantastic, but now I’m thinking: “It’s what Cornish vicars drink. Great — that’s a lifestyle I aspire to!”

The really scary thing is, when the picture was taken, the vicar was on his own. Those people in the background only showed up when it was developed. He… he sees dead people!

4 replies on “Weird marketing from St Austell”

You tease. I got that e-mail as well but hadn’t yet opened it. I went back to read the bit about the people in the background, and lo and behold that bit wasn’t in my e-mail. How spooky is that?

I’m actually quite pleased to get their press releases – don’t see it as spam. Perhaps I’ve just got no mates!

i’ve just got back from a weekend in Newquay – and the saving grace was the consistent quality of St Austell’s wares, the Doom Bar in particular. Not quite sure why all this is needed!

Leigh — sorry to hear you didn’t have a great holiday. Rainy?

Doom Bar is by Sharp’s. It seems to be very variable, sometimes in astounding form and, at other times, a bit like drinking Bovril. Sounds like you got lucky.

St Austell’s Tribute saved a miserable holiday we once spent in Dorset one wet, bleak February. A bit of a taste of summer…

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