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Why we're not going to GBBF

Don’t worry — this isn’t a rant about CAMRA or beer festivals — more of a sheepish explanation.

We’re probably not going to make it to the Great British Beer Festival this year because we’re doing other stuff. Boak is in Wales on a wee break (more on that soon). I’m working a lot and have a few long-standing social engagements which can’t be dodged, or relocated to an aircraft hangar in West London where there’s loads of beer.

Nothing dramatic or exciting going on; no big stand being made. Just crapness on our part.

Having said that, there’s surely something significant in the fact we haven’t managed to find the time to go to the most important event in the British beer drinkers’ calendar. Maybe we don’t really like beer very much?

If you’re desperate for coverage of GBBF, we’d recommend Stonch and Pete for a more sceptical angle; Tandleman for the insider’s perspective; Maieb if you want to know what the beer’s like; and Beer Nut for… well, he’s unpredictable, isn’t he? Whatever he comes up with will be good, at any rate.


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I’ve just read this after doing my first GBBF posting, and didn’t write a lot about the beer. I’ll try to rectify that at a later date. You guys must try to get along to trade day next year. It would be fun to increase the blog contingency.

Since most of you are so damned camera-shy we’ll need a big sign on one of the tables near the BSF advertising our presence.

‘Cos that’ll make us look like the cool kids at the beer festival. Oh yes.

Ron — being at a German beer festival is a good excuse for missing GBBF. Better than ours, at any rate.

Maeib and Stonch — probably a bit rude to have tried to guess the content of your posts on GBBF in advance based on last year’s efforts! I’ve been enjoying what you have written, at any rate. You’ve made it sound like tremendous fun, annoyingly.

Beer Nut — surely the coolest thing to do would be to print a t-shirt with your URL? Or maybe just write it on your TESCO carrier bag in marker pen?

And, in other news, Boak has had her wee and is now on her way back to London…

Reading all the great roundups is making me annoyed I missed it. I suppose I could go and drink the dregs tomorrow afternoon.

Still, will make me all the more keen to go next year.

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