Monkey beer

Schneider Aventinus (aka Monkey Beer) in action at the Pembury
Schneider Aventinus (aka Monkey Beer) in action at the Pembury

Schneider Aventinus is 8.5% alcohol by volume. That’s bloody strong.

A few weeks ago, we watched a pair of big lads in the Pembury drink about five bottles each without looking giddy.

We now hear from a friend that these chaps are regulars and love Aventinus so much they rarely drink anything else. And they call it ‘monkey beer’. Because of its banana-like yeast aroma?

No — because it makes them act like monkeys.

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It may be bloody strong, but it’s also a bloody fantastic beer. People who rarely drink anything else are OK in my book, at least as long as they don’t really act like monkeys.

Really nice photo, by the way.

That reminds me of stories where elephants (or other animals for that matter) have become blindingly drunk from having eaten fallen fruit.

Cost effective means are universal.

The first time I tried this I couldn’t stomach it all. I’m fond of it now, but my clearest memory of it is observing a guy in Dublin’s Porterhouse sit at the bar with a bottle and the proper glass (a rare thing), I wondered if he was practised in the pouring of such a foamy beer, but had the feeling he wasn’t. Sure enough, he upended the bottle and got around 1 centimetre of beer and the rest foam. Lesson learned, I liked to think.

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