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On having a one-track mind

Wilson at Brewvana wrote a great post a few weeks ago about being beer-obsessed, and how the symptoms manifest themselves.

But what I’ve noticed about myself is this: when I’m in those “mixed-company situations,” those “meet a new person situations,” those “whatever the heck situations,” and yes, those “sitting around the house with my own darned wife situations,” it always comes back to Beer.

This is my topic of choice. This is what’s on my mind. This is the way I make connections to people, places and things.

I’ve been meeting a lot of new people recently, for various reasons, and have noticed how quickly I try and get the conversation round to pubs. Trouble is, that just makes me sound like an alcoholic…

Read the post, and see how many symptoms you recognise! I particularly liked the bit about spotting beer names in cemeteries…


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I have some of the symptoms, I fear. The other day I got my front tooth crowned. Afterwards the dentist showed me the receipt he got from the manufacturers of the crown and noted it was made in Kent. All I could think of was English hops and mentioned that there was some good beer produced in that part of England. He just kind of nodded at me and swiftly moved along with the process. I’m hooked, alright.

It happens to me too.
Though I must say for a foreigner living in the Czech rep. it is really difficult not to get involved into a beer chat. Most people I meet will ask me which is my favourite pivo. When I start dropping names that they are unlikely to have heard… well, you can imagine the rest.
And then, in a country like this being “the guy who knows about beer” is a bit like being “the guy who knows about computers”. Friends will tell friends about you, and they will ask you your opinion on this or that beer. Same goes for my clients.
Oh! And you can imagine what the dominant topic of our conversation is when Evan Rail and I meet for a pint….

Thom — we have a post coming up this week with only the most tangential link to beer, stemming from a similar incident. If there’s a hop flower carved in stone on a building, I spot it at fifty paces. Tragic.

PF — over here, if you get the reputation as “the guy who knows about beer”, you stop getting invited to the pub…

That’s really depressing.

I find when people try to steer me toward beer (knowing it’s an interest of mine), I often want to steer away. Indeed I’d like to do that with the content of my blog! 😉

I am the same– especially now that I’m meeting all these new people at my job. I think to myself, “I might like you better if we drank together” to the tune of that Romeo Void song…

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