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The Carpenters Arms with the Beer Nut

We’re very slowly becoming tickers for beer bloggers. This week, we finally caught up with TV’s the Beer Nut. We took the opportunity to try out a pub we’d never visited before, just five minutes walk from Marble Arch in the west end of London.

The Carpenters Arms is very much a Proper Pub, without making a big deal of it. There are usually five or six cask ales available on the big, brown, wooden bar. The big, brown wooden tables are worn and ringed with beer stains. There is a dartboard. The crowd is largely made up of builders and regulars.

Bailey thought O’Hanlon’s Yellow Hammer was on good form (we’ve only had this from bottles on location in Devon in the past, and not been impressed) but we note Beer Nut didn’t care for it, thus going to demonstrate again that although we seem to share fairly similar outlooks, we never like the same beers…

This pub makes a nice change from sweaty chain pubs crammed to the rafters. It’s worth knowing about if you’re in that area and looking for a decent pint.

Beer Nut is very much a Proper Beer Blogger, without making a big deal of it. He does have a notebook, but when he scribbles in it, he makes it look like he’s a busy man with great thoughts. And who’s to say he isn’t?

The Carpenters Arms (definitely no apostrophe) is at 12 Seymour Place, W1H 7NA. (Beer in the evening review here). As well as being handy for Oxford Street and the Lebanese restaurants on Edgware Road, there’s also an Austrian cafe (with beer!) over the road, which we’ll have to investigate some other time.

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Dammit, I never even went to see the Marble Arch. I got my middle name from someone who was hung, drawn and quartered on the site.

I’m desperately trying to think how one makes a big deal of being a beer blogger. Some sort of drink-along beer-blogging song, perhaps?

Hello! I am writing to communicate these officially invited LaRonda # 5, this time paying me. From tomorrow, Friday October 10 at 9 am (Spanish hour) will have in the universe of beer in one more round to give your opinion. I’m waiting.

Hey Tandleman, don’t get too excited – it did have a telly 😉

Hola Carls, has puesto el tema ya? No lo encontre en tu blog.

I often go to the Carpenter(‘)s Arms on those happy occasions when I’m meeting friends for a drink in London – to my knowledge it’s the closest decent pub to Marble Arch (which is also where the coach from Oxford stops). Nice place.

I must admit I’ve never liked the Carpenter’s. There’s a Hall & Woodhouse pub – The Mason’s Arms? – a hundred yards away I prefer.

The System Administrator’s Arms would be a good alternative name for the Pembury Tavern, now I think about it.

I witnessed extensive scribbling in TBN’s note book in Copenhagen. 112 beers in 3 days, if I recall correctly. He’s a ticking machine and I am amazed that such an great blog springs from the few words that are ascribed to each beer. But then again, he is a man for getting to the point succinctly.

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