Edwin Taylor's Extra Stout

We’ve fallen out of love with the Pembury a little recently. It’s partly that familiarity breeds contempt, and partly that we’ve got bored with Milton’s so-so beer.

But last night, in a strange reversal of the usual situation, we ended up there because someone else had chosen the venue, and our faith in the pub was somewhat rekindled.

The cause of the turnaround? Between us, we managed several pints of Banks and Taylor’s superb Edwin Taylor’s Extra Stout. It was in fantastic condition, and suitably autumnal. We weren’t taking notes, so there’s not much we can say other than that it was black and tasted it.

Our pregnant and therefore nearly teetotal friend sat staring mournfully at our booze over the top of her J20 most of the night. When we weren’t looking, she would grab one of our pints, nurse it, and breathe in the aroma and say exultantly: “It smells soooooooo good!”

Edwin Taylor also stood up well to the bottle of Hercule Stout that we enjoyed near the end of the evening — no mean feat at half the strength (4.5% up against 9).

In other news, disaster was narrowly averted when we pointed out why Stella wouldn’t be a good name for a girl…

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I visited the Pembury in February and wrote this then: “I tried to like the Pembury and didn’t dislike it, but it is dominated by an ordinary brewery and was almost deserted. The condition of the beer was OK, but on the warm side. Maybe when it is heaving it would be better. I am not sure I really think so though. ”

So so beer indeed. I am glad you guys have recognised it.

Tandleman, quoting yourself in comments on other people’s blogs is a little … over-confident, shall we say. 😉

Boak and Bailey: my mate Ross visited Bavarian Beer House with a pregnant pal recently. She drank litre steins of Erdinger’s alcohol free wheat beer all night. What a trooper. On the other hand, the pregnant wife of another friend recently visited my pub and enjoyed half a Landlord before switching to mineral water, so people have different approaches.

We were telling our chum that we’d heard some German alcohol free beers were bearable. Not nice, exactly, but better than water.

Jeff. It is overconfident to point out to a fellow blogger you agree with them? (I could have quoted less I agree mind you.)

I am just glad that someone whose opinion I value, thinks – in this case at least – the same as me. That being that Milton, as a brewer, is ordinary. To have agreement is a bonus, but its all open to challenge at the end of the day.

I quite like Marcus Aurelius stout usually, but even that was flat, greasy and a bit boring the last time I had it.

Moravka’s a good reason to go the Pembury, though!

Jeff – So I’m told. Never been pregnant meself! It’s all to do with iron apparently.

As far as Milton is concerned, they’re not too bad IMO. Mammon and Marcus Aurelius are both VERY good.

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