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License Brewed to Kill

Olga Kurylenko in a Bond tie-in Heineken ad
Olga Kurylenko in a Bond tie-in Heineken ad

Most critics have picked up on one major irritation in the latest films in the resurgent James Bond franchise: product placement.

This time round, with Quantum of Solace, we’re expected to believe that Heineken is James Bond’s beer of choice.

Heineken is a bog-standard, bland lager, readily available in every corner of the Earth, usually brewed under license. Is anyone convinced it’s the right beer for James Bond?

It makes about as much sense as his current penchant for Ford hatchbacks.

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It’s money misspent if they’re trying to get me to drink bland lager!

On the subject of irritating product placement I recently re-watched the back to the future trilogy and it was chock full of it.

I like how Heineken say the tie-in will “allow our consumers worldwide to experience the world of Bond.” Although I’ve never noticed Bond pissing himself as he struggles to get off the sofa for more deep-fried pizza. Or staggering around the streets at 3am trying to knife passers-by with his shoe.

the only beer I saw him drink was a Bolivian brand, Cerveceria something or other, in the bar with Felix Leiter just before the cops storm in…never seen Bond as much of a beer man, though Daniel Craig looks like he could handle a pint or two.

Surely as a master of the finer things in life, Meester Bond would be supping something more substantial, more worthy, more actually like beer? And as the ultimate gentleman spy, surely his beer of choice would be something along the lines of Fuller’s Reserve or Vintage? 😉

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Boak you can choose a man of course (but i guess just a couple of heineken would do the job!)


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