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Memories of Prague

The Staropramen brewery in Prague
The Staropramen brewery in Prague

We’re off on a tour of Germany and the Czech Republic next week, which has got us thinking about the last time we were in Prague. That was in the days before our beer obsession but we nonetheless ended up in a hotel overlooking the Staropramen brewery.

The view from our window was of an elevated conveyor belt carrying bottles of beer to the packing plant. It passed within inches and ran all day and night. Sleeping was nearly impossible with the constant sound of lorries idling, machinery chugging and bottles clinking.

Fortunately, they stopped work at the weekend and the belt fell silent, so we managed to get some kip.

Photo by Olgite, from Flickr Creative Commons. Thanks, Olgite — nice pics!

We’re testing to make sure things are working normally around here. The post we put up the other day about Meantime London Pale Ale will reappear tomorrow if things are back to normal.

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