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Remembrance beers at the Speaker

The Speaker in Westminster will be offering a range of Remembrance Sunday related ales this weekend for anyone who wants a quiet pint after attending ceremonies at the Cenotaph. Slightly weird? Maybe, but what an eye for the angle!

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This makes sense. In Australia on ANZAC day after teh dawn service you usually go back to the returned services club (RSL) for breakfast and rum. The Rum is to pay homage to the ration of rum the diggers woud get before going over the top of the trenches.

My grandfathers will have a beer or two raised in their honour this weekend. And if The Speaker is kicking in a few quid to the Poppy Fund, or perhaps selling beers like Thwaites Liberation that pledge a donation for every pint sold, then they’re to be commended.

Haddonsman — I think that’s exactly what they’re doing so, yes, it’s a good thing. I’ve got a soft spot for the Speaker, and this is really just more evidence of the management trying to offer something more than you would get from any of the boring chain pubs in the area.

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