Boozing with the Prague-based bloggers

Meet­ing up with Velky Al (he’s very tall), Evan Rail (his sur­name is Cor­nish), and Pivni Filosof (he’s very philo­soph­i­cal) was a real treat for us. For one thing, after six days on the road, we were get­ting bloody sick of each oth­er, so the civilised com­pa­ny was very wel­come. And, for anoth­er, they took us on a VIP tour of a cou­ple of bars we’d nev­er have found and nev­er have set foot in oth­er­wise.

All of the beers were excel­lent, but we were most impressed with the Kout na Sumave beers in U Slo­vanske Lipy. Boak loved the desit­ka, with its pow­er­ful hop flavour, while Bai­ley’s favourite was the dark lager.

We had a bit much to drink and weren’t tak­ing notes, so that’s about it as far as an account of the night goes. You can read all about it here and here, though.

Thanks, chaps!

6 thoughts on “Boozing with the Prague-based bloggers”

  1. Glad to have you in town. Can’t help but com­ment on the use of a recy­cled keg in the pho­to: Pivo­var Svi­tavy, mak­ers of Dok­tor, closed about six years back. I still have a cou­ple of labels around here some­where…

  2. Per­haps an Inter­na­tion Beer Blog­gers Con­ven­tion in Prague would be a good event? Cou­ple of brew­ery tours, a few sem­i­nars on some­thing or oth­er and loads of drink­ing.

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