Dark beer in Dortmund

Dort­mund is one of those places whose name is famous amongst beer geeks, but  where it’s hard to find any very excit­ing beer.

We did track down Hoevel’s Orig­i­nal, though, which we found inter­est­ing. It’s anoth­er one of those Ger­man local brands which has its own town sewn up but which you don’t see any­where else. Every build­ing, bus stop and bill­board in town has one of their glossy adverts fea­tur­ing a seduc­tive nymph.

Their brew­ery tap (see Ron’s pub guide for details) dish­es up the beer in per­fect nick. It’s served in a cus­tom glass (we love cus­tom glass­es) which they call a ‘Vic­to­ria’ – tall, and the shape of a trum­pet bell. To all intents and pur­pos­es, it’s an alt bier, being brown, nut­ty, fruity and alto­geth­er very like a smooth, tasty best bit­ter. Not real­ly worth going out of your way for – the alts in Dues­sel­dorf are bet­ter – but, as they say in Ger­man adverts, “Mmm­m­mm.… leck­er.” That is, tasty.  There’s also a cloudy ‘zwickl’, which was a bit home-brewy.

In con­trast, we also tried one of the local ‘pre­mi­um pil­sners’ which, in the case of most Ger­man brands, is a euphemism for ‘very bland lager’. Brinkhof­f’s No 1 is prob­a­bly the most bor­ing beer we’ve ever had. It had less flavour and body than tap water. Worse than Cruz­cam­po. Sheesh.

Our hol­i­day arrange­ments were pret­ty chaot­ic this time so we stu­pid­ly failed to pick up on Bergmann as rec­om­mend­ed by Adep­tus. If you are going to Dortmund/Muenster or any­where in that region, make sure you check his blog before you go!

5 thoughts on “Dark beer in Dortmund”

  1. Per­haps I am being over­ly cyc­ni­cal, but when a com­pa­ny puts out a prod­uct with the moniker “pre­mi­um” or “excel­lent” then I am instant­ly dubi­ous as to their claims.

  2. Beer Nut – spooky! I like your review, and agree about the Irish red.

    VA – that pre­mi­um thing has put us off try­ing quite a few ger­man beers in the last cou­ple of days. On the last trip we would have prob­a­bly tried any new beer, but this time round we’ve spot­ted a new beer, thought “shall we?”, seen the spiel about how pre­mi­um it claims to be and then gone off to the Christ­mas mar­ket to drink glue­hwein instead.

  3. Brinkhof­f’s is muck. You’ll notice I haven’t both­ered writ­ing about most of the north­ern pils, but maybe I should as a pub­lic health ser­vice (although there are some that can be tasty, but I haven’t cor­re­lat­ed that against the “pre­mi­um” strapline :)).

    Hövels, on the oth­er hand, became a favourite of mine in the first few months liv­ing in Muen­ster after my office bud­dy intro­duced me to it. Love the small glass too. I must get crate in before Christ­mas…

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