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Gluhbier in Dresden

Liefmann's gluhbier at the Christmas market in Dresden
Liefman's Gluhbier in the Striezelmarkt, Dresden

We had a few hours to kill in Dresden and couldn’t resist a turn around the Christmas market. We ate junk food and were all geared up for a mulled wine when we spotted a stand offering Liefman’s Gluhbier.

The Germans — a rather conservative bunch, if we can be permitted to generalise — seemed bemused, but we and a handful of American tourists were up for it.

It tasted fantastic. A spiced version of their kriek cherry beer, it really didn’t taste much different to the cheap, fruity red wine they normally dish out. The spices are barely there, which we liked (too many cloves and too much cinnamon have ruined many a Christmas beer).

A couple of locals asked us what we thought and, with our recommendation, decided to give it a try. They seemed to enjoy it. Will Germans one day put fruit and spices in more of their own beers, rather than importing it from Belgium…?

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Funny, just three days ago Fred Waltman (Franconia Beerguide) posted about drinking Liefmans Glühkriek in Bamberg:

Now I’m going to be a bit picky, but after first correcting Fred concerning the eternal ie/ei problem of English-speakers, esp. Americans (you know, kreik, aaargh!), I must now object against the spelling Gluhkriek. It is either Glühkriek or Gluehkriek. (And Liefmans, not Liefman nor Liefman’s!)

oh yeah – i’m a closet fan of leifmans Kriek, and making christmassy and adding spice just makes so much sense….very jealous after reading this.

Guys, get your spelling right, please. It’s “Liefmans”, not “Liefman’s”, “Liefman” of “Leifmans”.

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