Mulled beer attempt 1

We followed the Wikihow advice for our first experiment, egg yolk and all. We took a bottle of London Pride, added spices, ginger, honey and warmed it up. We then added an egg yolk & sugar mixture.

The result looked like tea, smelled like mulled wine and tasted like a hot cross bun with hops. Drinkable, but would be better with a less hoppy beer.

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Coincidentally, the food mag with Sunday’s Observer included a recipe for ‘butter beer’ that shares most of its ingredients with your mulled ale recipe. The main difference is that they use much more egg yolk and a slab of butter, which puts me off a bit – it’s starting to sound like a beer omelette.

Well, that confirmed my suspicions about how “any old beer will do” according to that guide. Judging by the title of the post, I assume there will be other attempts, so I’ll hold off on my own experiment for now.

The egg yolk is still a little off-putting, but anything to justify beer’s nutritional value is alright by me.

It was drinkable, but it either needed sweetening (honey?) or we should have just used a less bitter beer (something sickly or bland).

Once you’ve got spices, sugar, butter and egg, you do start to wonder what the beer is adding exactly.

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