Our shopping list for 2009

This year, we final­ly got our hands on Zywiec Porter, Balti­ka Porter and a few Gos­es, after much hunt­ing. But there are still a few beers our there in the wild we’d like to track down. Here’s our hit list (and please feel free to tell us of any sight­ings, espe­cial­ly in Lon­don).

  • Fuller’s Brewer’s Reserve – we think we saw this behind the bar at a pub in Bor­ough, so hope­ful­ly this will be an easy kill, with­out us hav­ing to trek out to Chiswick. We’re unashamed Fuller’s fans and this one sounds intrigu­ing.
  • Uerige Sticke – thanks to Tan­dle­man, we now know when and where we need to be – a nice mis­sion for next Decem­ber?
  • Thorn­bridge Bra­cia chest­nut hon­ey beer, recent­ly raved about by beer writ­ers like Zythophile. We love Jaipur IPA and we found their St Peters­burg impe­r­i­al Russ­ian stout glo­ri­ous.
  • Brew­dog Chaos The­o­rysounds intrigu­ing – a mix between a wheat beer and a schwarz. Not so much chaos as har­mo­ny…? or any­thing that we haven’t already tried!
  • Gal­way Hook­er – men­tioned on the odd occa­sion by the Beer Nut and recog­nised as a cork­er by var­i­ous author­i­ties.
  • Some­thing from Japan oth­er than Asahi – Michael Jackson’s 500 Beers (our stan­dard text when we were first get­ting into beer) lists all kinds of fas­ci­nat­ing-sound­ing Japan­ese micro­brews. Sure­ly the next big thing, now Amer­i­can beer is becom­ing com­mon­place in the UK…?
  • Estrel­la Damm Ined­it – prob­a­bly not that great a beer, but we’ve got an inter­est in Spain, and would love it if a prop­er beer scene devel­oped there.
  • Amer­i­can beers that aren’t Sier­ra Neva­da, Anchor, Great Divide, Rogue or Goose Island, great as all of those are.
  • Any of the appar­ent­ly very excit­ing Ital­ian micro­brews on the mar­ket these days. Shock admis­sion: we’ve nev­er been to Italy. That might be a good start­ing point…

Don’t both­er com­ment­ing if you’re just going to say “X beer isn’t worth the trou­ble”. Sad­ly, we need to find that out for our­selves, or we’ll for­ev­er won­der what might have been.

16 thoughts on “Our shopping list for 2009”

  1. If you’d only paid the odd vis­it to my pub this win­ter, I’d have giv­en you one from my stash of Fullers Brewer’s Reserve… they’ve all been giv­en away now though!

    If you want to make a start on Ital­ian beer the place to do it is Bir & Fud in Rome.

  2. We should try to sched­ule a vis­it to Uerige to get some Sticke. I’ve nev­er had the plea­sure either.

    Gal­way Hook­er is one of my, sor­ry, was one of my favourite ses­sion beers, and it’s some­thing I miss. I hope we don’t talk it up too much though 🙂

    I’ve also nev­er been to Italy, but as it hap­pens I’ll be off to north Italy (can’t remem­ber where now) on busi­ness at the end of Jan­u­ary. TIme to start scout­ing!

  3. A year of Samuel Adams and Brook­lyn Brew­ing for you then…

    My spare room room is at the dis­pos­al of your quest for a Gal­way Hook­er (and not even charged by the hour).

  4. I’d be hap­py to give advice for North­ern Italy – Milan/Parma/Bologna. Lots of friend­ly brew­ers, bars and shops, but you have to know where to look.
    There were some nice Ital­ian beers on at the Pig’s Ear this month – but you weren’t there, were you?

    And look out for the Brew­Dog rasp­ber­ry impe­r­i­al stout, there will be a lim­it­ed bot­tled edi­tion next year.

  5. The Sticke-tra­di­tion is not lim­it­ed to Uerige.
    Füch­schen has a sim­i­lar beer for Christ­mas, Wei­h­nachts­bier. Avail­able from the 10th of novem­ber in bot­tles, and only on decem­ber 24th on tap.
    Schlüs­sel calls it Stike, with­out c. Avail­able on the last wednes­day of march and octo­ber.
    Schu­mach­er has Latzen­bier, 3rd thurs­day of march, sep­tem­ber and novem­ber.
    And Uerige, as already men­tioned, 3rd tues­day of jan­u­ary and octo­ber.
    In all cas­es, it is a stronger ver­sion of the stan­dard alt, at the same price.

  6. was only hav­ing this con­vo last night! for me, strange­ly enough, Gal­way Hook­er stil­ll remains high, along with more of Thorn­bridges sta­ble. I have nev­er had an Ital­ian Craft beer so im with on that. As for the Brewdog..hmmm not sure yet.…

  7. Brew­dog Chaos The­o­ry isn’t a mix of a wheat beer and a schwarz – they were the oth­er two beers in the com­pe­ti­tion (Bad Pix­ie and Zeit­geist).

    Chaos The­o­ry is a cop­per-coloured IPA that also goes under the name of Not Just For Christ­mas when on cask (it’s been around pubs in Not­ting­ham since before Christ­mas)

    As for Amer­i­can beers, give http://www.beermerchants.com a try, they have Port Brew­ing, Lost Abbey, even some Three Floyds. And Beers of Europe have a good range from Stone.

  8. Leigh – not con­vinced by Brew Dog? Inter­est­ing. How come…?

    Had­don­s­man – I won­der where I got that idea from? Must have read it some­where and scrib­bled it in the note­book. Memo to self: dou­ble check these things in future.…

  9. The Sti©ke tra­di­tion is not even lim­it­ed to Dus­sel­dorf. Some of the Kolsch brew­ers do some­thing sim­i­lar. I stum­bled across the 6.0% 1396 Jubi­laums­bier der Stadt at the Gaffel Haus in Cologne old town one ran­dom mid­week lunchtime a few years ago – a beer sold appar­ent­ly just on one or two days per year. Nev­er­the­less I would agree with you that zum Uerige on sticke day would be a fan­ta­sy des­ti­na­tion. Of course, some of the mys­tique is is lost now that you can just look up the dates on the inter­net (thanks Trein­jan above!) rather than it being a reward for reg­u­lar cus­tomers with inside knowl­edge as it appar­ent­ly used to be.

  10. For the Japan­ese beers, the for­eign beer fes­ti­vals at the Wetherspoon’s pubs might be worth try­ing, as they’ve had beers from the Yo-Ho brew­ery. I seem to remem­ber they’ve had the Yona Yona Pale Ale and Tokyo Black Porter. Both of those are good beers worth try­ing, and cer­tain­ly a far cry from Asahi “Super” Dry.

    For more US micro­brew a trip to Copen­hagen (or, fail­ing that, Gothen­burg or Stock­holm) might be worth try­ing. There’s a fair bit of US micro­brew avail­able there. Fly­ing Dog, for exam­ple, is avail­able even in some ordi­nary cor­ner stores. And those three cities have oth­er attrac­tions as well.

  11. Gal­way Hook­er, kegged as the brew­er intend­ed, should be avail­able at the Porter­house Covent Gar­den from Thurs­day as part of their fes­ti­val of inde­pen­dent Irish brew­eries.

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