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American beer in East London

It seems that Paul’s Wines — an ancient and tatty off-license on Orford Road in Walthamstow, East London — has upped its game on the beer front.


The mystery of the two Brooklyn India Ale bottles in an alley near our house has been solved.

It seems that Paul’s Wines — an ancient and tatty off-license on Orford Road in Walthamstow, East London — has upped its game on the beer front. It’s been decent for a while (lots of bottled ale, the occasional sighting of Brooklyn Lager) but now it’s probably one of the best specialist beer shops in London. The manager says it’s a permanent arrangement as long as they can keep hold of the supplier.

Don’t get over-excited: there isn’t that much competition when it comes to beer shops in London, and it’s no Utobeer. But it’s better than the Army and Navy beer section these days, and really, really convenient for us!

In stock now, on top of the usual suspects from Young’s, Shepherd Neame, Badger and Fuller’s (partial list):

  • Anchor Steam
  • Goose Island Honkers Ale
  • Flying Dog Hefe Weizen
  • Brooklyn Brown Ale; East India Ale; and Lager
  • Bernard Dark
  • RCH Pitchfork
  • Morrissey Fox
  • some ales from breweries I didn’t recognise
  • some weird looking beers from Russia, Mongolia, Corsica…
  • And the full range of Sam Smith’s.

I got a 10 per cent discount for buying (ahem) a few bottles.

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Can’t get excited about those beers, you lot have clearly led sheltered lives! US beer selection in the UK is poor, your best bet is to visit the US regularly and bring your own back like I do.

Hello, Peter. I know these particular beers aren’t really that hard to get, but it’s just really nice to see an ordinary cornershop stocking something a bit more adventurous than Tennants Extra and Fosters. And the chances of us flying to the States to bring back beer are very slim indeed….

I agree that it is a step in the right direction. Some years ago Safeway supermarkets had some superb US craft beers for sale at very civilised prices, that is all a distant memory now unfortunately.

Oh! awesome – I live in Shoredtich which isn’t as east as you guys but it’s good to know the good spots. The City Beverage Company on Old St has some nice treats – they usually have some Great Divide Titan IPA and those nice pint bottles of Meantime IPA – plus a bunch of Australian IPAs (Coopers, Little Creatures) plus some brooklyn lager, sam adams and sierra.

But yeah, good to know if I head out that way I can get some good stocks.

excellent spot. i haven’t been up to the village in ages, picking up some brooklyn brown is a good incentive. with the william iv brewing again it’s a waltham forest beer revolution!

Crikey, I live near Orford Road (well in Leyton, I’m not posh enough for the Village) – I’ll have to take a look.

Stephen and mb — do pop in a grab a few bottles — it’s good to encourage this kind of thing!

I reckon Walthamstow is now a pretty good destination for an afternoon’s boozing and shopping, if you happen to live within 30 minutes on the tube or train. There’s the Nags Head with it’s permanently available Oscar Wilde mild (fantastic); the William IV; the Russian deli on the market with its range of Baltika et al; and Paul’s Wines.

Whilst in Walthamstow, don’t overlook the Old Rose & Crown at 55 Hoe Street. Very much an up-and-coming pub, rejuvenated under new management.

Sorry, me again – I should have included this before. Walthamstow has long been a good beer destination. The following quote comes from a 1770 guidebook to London and the surrounding area by Henry Chamberlain “Opposite the church is the Nag’s Head, a noted public house for the accommodation of the gentry who occasionally resort hither to participate of those pleasures which the rusticity of this delightful village naturally affords”.

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