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Beer geek droppings

Spotted in an alleyway in East London, not far from our house: two empty Brooklyn East India Ale bottles.

I haven’t seen this on sale anywhere other than Utobeer in London. Are there other beer geeks in the vicinity? (If so and you’re reading this — what’s wrong with the recycling bin, ya litterbugs?)

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How strange. While we were away over Christmas, someone left an empty bottle of Westmalle Dubbel in the recycling bin in our garden. I’m taking this as the first sign of Leytonstone’s gentrification.

I had a similar experience here in Oslo a couple of years ago. After recycling bottles at my local grocery store I’m about to throw the plastic bag in the litter underneath the recycling machine when I notice that in the litter is an empty bottle from Atna Bryggeri. At the time, this beer was near-impossible to get hold of. I immediately thought like you: “Is there another beer geek nearby?”

Where we live, the empty cans of super strength lager and white cider are so thick on the ground that the pavements are all but impassable in places, which only made the Brooklyn bottles all the more remarkable.

Quite funny…I’ve been drinking that very Brooklyn all this week (in the states). Not too shabby if you can get your hands on some.

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