Happy new year – here's to a boozy January

So, ’tis the time of year for resolutions. I resolve to have a pretty beery January. January’s just the worst time to give up alcohol — not only is it cold and miserable, but you’d be missing out on all those great pubs in central London during their quietest time. You can actually get a seat in the Blackfriar in January, for example.

Happy New Year!


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Yes, I’ve resolved not to cut down on the ale consumption. You are right it is just the perfect time to be drinking in pubs.

I prefer pubs to be busy personally (and I speak as a customer as well as a publican!), but yes: January’s going to be quiet, perhaps more than usual.

We once decided that the perfect level of business in a pub for us as customers is where you have to wait five minutes for a seat, but not much more. In other words, a buzz, but not a game of sardines.

Amazingly, we were completely unaware of the Blackfriar’s existance until now. Looks pretty impressive, will have to give it a go next time we’re in town. Open at weekends too, I see. I shalln’t be cutting down either – cheers!

The Blackfriar isn’t super amazing, but they always seem to have one or two interesting guest ales, and they often serve it in DIMPLE MUGS! The building is fantastic, too.

Ally tipped us off to this one.

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