Mulled beer (2)

We still had some undrinkable Belgian homebrew left so we mulled a pint of it with around two tablespoons of honey, a satsuma (cut in half), a cinnamon stick and some cloves.

This was very nice — the trick seems to be to add the honey, bit at a time, until the harshness disappears. The hotter you want to drink it, the more honey you need.  I think this beer worked well because it didn’t have much bitterness to start with.

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If one is to believe old movies about old times (and for sure British old movies are more believable than rewriting-history American ones!), then mulling was originally done by plunging a red-hot poker into one’s pewter tankard of ale. Have you tried this approach?

Sadly, both our poker and pewter tankards are in the pawn shop at the moment. Where did I see that on TV recently? The Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol, I think. It was quite dramatic-looking, but I’d worry that it might burn off the alcohol.

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