Generalisations about beer culture

Mysteries of British pub culture #1

Why is it that no-one bats an eyelid at buying a round of drinks for their workmates on a Friday night at £20 a go and yet they blow a fuse if you nick 3p’s-worth of  teabag or a splash of milk in the office?

For those wanting more information about just how generous us Brits are in the pub, here’s a good post from Pete Brown from this time last year.

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You have to pay for your own teabags and milk in the office?? I know there’s a recession, but that’s a bit tight isn’t it?

Because beer drinkers are mostly sociable geezers, and tea drinkers are mostly uptight women (allegedly).

I thought bringing your own tea and coffee to work was normal, it’s either that or buy it from the machine in the office “kitchen”. Been away too long perhaps.

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