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Stout at the Speaker

The Speaker in Westminster (one of our favourite London pubs, in a funny kind of way) is having a month of stouts, porters and wheat beer. Here’s what they’re expecting to serve up throughout January:

Acorn Gorlovka Stout 6%
Allendale Tar Barl Stout 4.5%
Brysons Patrick Stout 5%
Burton Bridge Bramble Stout 5%
Dark Star  Espresso Stout 4.2%
Hop Back Entire Stout 4.5%
Itchen Valley  Treacle Stout 4.4%
Little Valley  Hebden’s Wheat 4.5% (Cloudy)
Mauldons Peggoty’s Porter 4.1%
Milestone Raspberry Wheat Beer 5.5%
TSA Scotch Mist 5%
Westerham Puddle Dock Porter 4.3%
Wylam Haugh Porter 4.6%

We’ll try to pop in once or twice as we’re wholeheartedly in favour of every pub serving up at least one dark beer at all times and, as TV’s Dr Tanya Byron would say, we want to reinforce this positive behaviour.

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what a great idea. not often you see a little fest dedicated to those types. Would be aiming straight for the Wylam – and never had the Hopback on draught – nor the Bramble stout. kudos to the Speaker.

Yet another one to add to our next London crawl – I learn so much from this blog! Do you guys happen to know if this one is open at weekends? The Time Out page you link to seems to think it is but the pub’s own website (possibly outdated?) says it’s closed weekends apart from special occasions.

Dubbel — I think they open on Sundays, but not Saturdays. There’s a fair bit of housing around and about, despite it being within spitting distance of Big Ben. I’ll check, though, and let you know.

Jeff — the Speaker is really near my office. Sadly — and I mean sadly — your pub’s a bit out of my way! We will drop in soon, though. Happy to sort you out a logo. What dimensions do you need it?

the dimensions of that box in the corner where my header is! if you do there will be on the house pints waiting for you at the gunmakers!

Speaker does not open weekends apart for special occassions. The Stouts and Porters fest is to celebrate the Landlord’s 7th anniversary in the pub and he will be open from 2pm until late on Sunday the 18th. He’s also planning beers for Valentines Day, St David’s Day and St Patrick’s day. I have the beer lists to type up for him and will post details here later this week

The pub is open noon till 11pm mon. – fri. closed weekends and bank holidays but will be open sunday 18 jan. from 2pm the porters , stouts and wheat beers are on for one week from sunday not one month with two hand pumps dedicated to these beers

As promised here’s a list of the Valentines’ Day beers coming through the two pumps dedicated to guest beers during week beginning Feb 9th.

Three Bs – Cupid’s Fuel (4.2%)
RCH – Steam Lovers (4.7%)
Robinsons – Trouble and Strife (4.1%)
Moles – Moleo and Juliet (4.4%)
Marston Moor – Matilda (3.9%)
Howard Town – Love Nest (3.9%)
Holdens – Passionate Monk (4.5%)
Grafton – Dark Lady (4.0%)
George Wright – Blonde Moment (4.0%)
Allgates – Mild at Heart (3.8%)

I’ll post details of the St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter fests next week.

will those beers still be there this week? any of them you’d recommend? i’m over in london for a conference next week and thanks to boakandbailey’s westminster and victoria pub guides the speaker was on my list of pubs to visit.

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