Weasely Carling Ads


Phase one of the new Carling campaign was bad enough. But in phase two, the ad men have reached a new low. Get a load of this from the voiceover:

“Carling know it’s important to check their barley themselves.”

A few questions spring to mind:

  1. What is “checking” barley?
  2. Is “checked” barley better than any other? As in, “Yeah, I checked the barley — it’s absolutely awful, but we got it cheap.”
  3. They know it’s important, but does that even mean they do it? Whatever it is.

So, here’s our proposed slogan for phase three:

“Carling know that beer is supposed to taste nice.”

5 replies on “Weasely Carling Ads”

Perhaps they check to make sure it’s barley, as opposed to say, rice.

Look on the bright side. They can’t any longer suggest that drinking it makes you more sexy, so they now pinch the craft beer idea of provenance. Do we really think that the average Carling drinker cares whether or not it’s made from barley, let alone if it’s checked?

It’s sounds just like the old marketing gimmick “the most carefully selected ingredients” or similar ones…Usually meaning, we are very careful to select the cheapest stuff we can get our hans on.

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