Blog has gone nuts

OK, the page layout has gone peculiar. Sorry. We just upgraded our installation of WordPress and there’s something not quite right, but I’m sure it will be fixed by tomorrow. In the meantime, keep calm and go about your business as usual.

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I use WordPress a bit and took a peek at your code and it looks like you have an improperly closed DIV tag somewhere. The W3 Validation page suggests something is up. My guess is you added an extra closing DIV tag after the DIV “headerimage”. Good luck and cheers.

Thanks, Andrew. That’s sorted it. I should have guessed, given that the header is the only bit I edit when we update…

Are you really “beer geeks”? I’ve met you and you seem normal. You don’t smell and your life doesn’t appear to be dominated by bitterness and resentment at the world around you. You aren’t geeks. Go easy on yourselves.

Peace bro and sis

What is a DIV tag? How can you look at the code on someone else’s website?

How do people acquire knowledge about IT? And why? People on IT helpdesks just get shouted at and their office is always in the worst part of the building.

I’m not that bothered about the American English/British English divide — the internet’s beyond all that, surely?

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