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Cask Conditioned Brew Dog


The social club we’re occasionally lucky enough to be invited to has gone up in our estimation: Brew Dog Trashy Blonde was available on tap this week in cask-conditioned form. Although they’re on the cusp of becoming irritatingly ubiquitous, we couldn’t help but be delighted by the sight of the bold purple pump clip which promised something out of the ordinary. It was great — very much alive and super juicy-tasting, and stronger than the bottled version at 4.8%.

We missed the launch of their new black lager in London last week which also looks interesting.

How many beers are these chaps planning to have on the market at once?

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Trashy Blonde will make an appearance at the Leicester Beer Festival too, though it’s listed at 4.1 there.

Also on offer will be ZeitGeist, Riptide, Smokehead, Divine Rebel and V2009. No idea what the latter is, mind.

I’ll be there for the opening day, Haddonsman. Unmissable festival, if there is such a thing.

There will also be cask Trashy Blond, Zeitgeist, Punk IPA, Riptide, Paradox Arran and Divine Rebel at The Bull, Horton Kirby from 2nd to 5th April.

I think we can see a core range forming. But I’m all for the experimentation too.

Apart from bottles of Punk IPA Brew Dog has so far eluded me. I’ve been to festivals where it was on the list but never available. One day soon if it’s getting about a bit more I hope.

Hope it’s not a disappointment when you do find it, Paul! Nothing like great expectations to make a pint taste crap.

I have little interest in the experimentation and would prefer to see them perfect a small number of recipes and stick to them. In all honestly I preferred Brew Dog in their first year, before all the wilder experiments and pandering to the (tiny) beer geek market took over.

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