Help: porter in London tonight

Anyone know where we can find a cask-conditioned porter in London this this evening…?

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Simonbaptist — no, it’s helpful! Thanks.

I like the Porterhouse, but it’s pretty much impossible to find even a corner to stand in these days.

Any other suggestions?

The Beernut suggested I head to The Harp in Covent Garden tomorrow night – no idea if they’ve got a cc porter on, but let me know if you find one, there or anywhere else, yeah? 😉

Yes, you’re right. Anyone been in the last week or so and know for sure…? I love that pub!

Brodie’s Superior London Porter (7.1%) was on in the Wenlock yesterday early evening.

Yikes. Wouldn’t fancy a session on a 7.1 percenter. Yes, that’s right — I’m a big wuss.

We went to the Royal Oak in the end. What a great pub. The porter was mindblowingly good.

The whole point of the Porterhouse is that it’s always busy – that’s one of the attractions, surely?

I’ll be selling Harvey’s Porter on Tuesday night, but I can’t guarantee we’ll be quiet!

I don’t mind busy pubs usually, but I didn’t want one last night. It was an after work pint with a mate, not a stag do.

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