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Young's Chocolate Stout: now with added smoke

Has anyone else had a bottle of Young’s Chocolate Stout recently? We just tried one at a Young’s pub in London and were astounded to discover that (a) it’s got better and (b) it no longer tastes of chocolate, but rather intensely of smoke and roasted barley. The ingredient list includes oats and “natural chocolate flavouring”.

Any insight much from those in the know would be much appreciated.

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The first day in London is ready. Thanks again for the info you gave me. As you´ll see i had a lot to taste.

Whoa– I really loved it the old way! Will have to try a bottle, but am a little scared. Though if you say it’s better then I trust you guys. The last one I had was about a month ago and I didn’t notice this change.

Sounds like it should be more suited to my tastes. I’d just about given up on the previous recipe for being too sweet and chocolately. In which Youngs establishment did you sample it? It might take a while for the previous stocks to clear Londonwide.

It was in the riverside pub next to Tate Modern — can’t think of its name.

Hello, Steve. Have you heard anything about a change to the recipe of Young’s Chocolate Stout, by any chance…?

I thought it was nicer last time I tasted it, but I’m not with you on the smoke bit.

I once had a very bad experience in The Founders Arms. About three years ago I was in their with a girlfriend. Vanessa Nimmo of Big Brother fame (she was in it years and years ago) was across the bar. She’s very attractive in person. Girlfriend clocked me looking at said minor celebrity and – somewhat dramatically – actually slapped me across the face (up until then I thought that only happened in movies).

“there”, not “their”

Why do I make such terrible errors when I leave comments on blogs? I’m terribly well educated, honest.

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