Gadd’s Dogbolter Porter

Gadd’s of Rams­gate should be very proud of their 5.6% bot­tle con­di­tioned porter. It was first brewed by anoth­er com­pa­ny in 1979 for Firkin pubs, but Gadd’s have revived the recipe and the brand. It’s heavy, chewy, slight­ly sour and, once the ini­tial yeasty smell has passed, full of the roast­ed aro­mas you’d expect from a good black beer.

The only thing is, we can’t remem­ber where or when we acquired the bot­tle. Did some­one leave it after a par­ty? Who knows.

7 thoughts on “Gadd’s Dogbolter Porter”

  1. It’s deli­cious from the cask too. I’ve only come across it in deep­est Kent though. Top draw­er stuff com­ing out of Gadds at the moment.

  2. Yup, this is a top porter. At the Thanet beer fes­ti­val they had a dou­ble porter called Pan­de­mo­ni­um but it’d fin­ished before I got to try some!! They’ve got some real­ly good beers right now, a few Amer­i­can style pales too.

  3. I’m rotat­ing Dog­bolter and Gadd’s No 3 at the moment-the local vine­yard stocks them. Both dif­fer­ent, both excel­lent. Only seen Gadd’s on draught once-per­haps we live too far into the Weald.

  4. Hel­lo, Wit­ten­den. I’ve nev­er seen any of their beer on draught any­where, as far as I can recall.

  5. Think­ing, I might have left it with you? not sure… but it’s a great beer com­ple­ment­ing some amaz­ing beers com­ing from that brew­ery now!

    hope you’re both well!

    see you around!


  6. Dog­bolter has recent­ly been pro­mot­ed in Wait­rose in Pad­dock Wood,Kent.
    A real­ly excel­lent beer.

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