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Gadd's Dogbolter Porter

Gadd’s of Ramsgate should be very proud of their 5.6% bottle conditioned porter. It was first brewed by another company in 1979 for Firkin pubs, but Gadd’s have revived the recipe and the brand. It’s heavy, chewy, slightly sour and, once the initial yeasty smell has passed, full of the roasted aromas you’d expect from a good black beer.

The only thing is, we can’t remember where or when we acquired the bottle. Did someone leave it after a party? Who knows.

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It’s delicious from the cask too. I’ve only come across it in deepest Kent though. Top drawer stuff coming out of Gadds at the moment.

Yup, this is a top porter. At the Thanet beer festival they had a double porter called Pandemonium but it’d finished before I got to try some!! They’ve got some really good beers right now, a few American style pales too.

I’m rotating Dogbolter and Gadd’s No 3 at the moment-the local vineyard stocks them. Both different, both excellent. Only seen Gadd’s on draught once-perhaps we live too far into the Weald.

Hello, Wittenden. I’ve never seen any of their beer on draught anywhere, as far as I can recall.

Thinking, I might have left it with you? not sure… but it’s a great beer complementing some amazing beers coming from that brewery now!

hope you’re both well!

see you around!


Dogbolter has recently been promoted in Waitrose in Paddock Wood,Kent.
A really excellent beer.

[…] Something I have just found out however is that Dogbolter lives on! The Ramsgate Brewery of er… Broadstairs produces a bottled beer called Gadds’ Faithful Dogbolter Porter which is a good copy of the original Bruce’s beer. You can read more on the Gadds’ Beer Shop blog and also enthusiastically reviewed on the Boak and Bailey’s beer blog. […]

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