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Ginger Marble at the Duke of Cambridge

Tandleman often writes about the Marble Arch, a brewpub in Manchester. It sounds like a fabulous place, so we were very excited to see “Ginger Marble” on tap at the Duke of Cambridge.

I’m a big fan of ginger in beer, if done well, and this was done incredibly well.  Really zingy and alive, but definitely full-bodied beer with ginger in it, rather than sickly-sweet ginger pop.  It’s even better than the Leatherbritches one we enjoyed in Oxford a few months back.

It’s not to everyone’s taste (oops — missed the key part where Alex described it as ‘brilliant’).

It certainly doesn’t go with smoked fish.

We reviewed the Duke of Cambridge last May, and we’ve been back several times since.  We like it, but it’s not bloody cheap.


9 replies on “Ginger Marble at the Duke of Cambridge”

The Marble Arch is alright but not great. Too many beer snobs in there and I didn’t think the beer was that good. I much preferred the Angel up the road. 🙂

I can’t say I’ve noticed a lot of beer snobs in the MA, but I do feel the pub has gone slightly off the boil recently. I agree the Angel is excellent.

I don’t like this labelling of “beer snob” but (presuming I know what it means), I don’t think the MA is full of them. Always a good mix of people I find. I’ve called in and there’s been a distinct lack of choice but that’s another matter. I also agree that the Angel is indeed excellent-shame it’s decided to close on Sundays.

Slightly surprised to see that link, I thought that I quite liked it. Or I did for the first pint. That hasn’t stopped me having just the one six or seven times though.

Alex — sorry, I missed the key words where you described it as brilliant, and took cauterised lips to be a bad thing… my bad.

Yeah most people might think that such sensory scorching might be a problematic but then I really enjoyed Hopstar’s Chilli beer ‘Little Green Men’ which had much of the charm of mustard gas.

Just to add something to the debate, and because I’ve never made it to the Marble Arch, Keystone’s Golden Spice at 4 per cent is the only ginger that I can keep going back to pint after pint.

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