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How to track down dead pubs


A couple of people have recently commented on old posts because they’re trying to track down specific pubs as part of family history projects. We haven’t been much help, but there are some helpful resources out there.

1. Ewan‘s photo sets are fascinating. This Flickr set of 400+ photos of derelict, closed or repurposed pubs is a particular favourite of ours.

2. has a lot of historical information about former tenants and landlords, as well as photos of many establishments.

3. The Brewery History Society website is also an easy place to lose two or three hours. Our favourite section is on the pub livery of defunct breweries.

4. Many local libraries now offer free online newspaper searches and photo libraries, like this excellent one for the London Borough of Hackney which allows you to filter specifically for pubs.

Any other suggestions?

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Ewan’s list of E1 pubs is fascinating. Our London flat is in E1 and I always feel it’s a bit underpubbed. Looking at the vast number of closures I see why now. Great site.

I am looking for any info on the Good Intent north street Barking as my grand father had this pub from about 1913 to 1925 .His name was james arthur mcewen

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