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The Betjeman Arms, at last

Almost a year after it opened, we finally made it to the Betjeman Arms at St Pancras station.  It’s run by the Geronimo Inns lot and, like the other Geronimo pubs we’ve visited, there are a lot of glossy but dull Euro-brands, together with some nice cask ale.  In this particular case, they have commissioned their own house brew from Sharps.  It’s called Betjeman Ale and is pleasant enough, but unchallenging.  They also run the odd beer festival now and then.

We gather it’s supposed to be a bit ‘gastro’, but we didn’t eat there.  It’s certainly very good by the standard of lots of station pubs and we loved the roof terrace — even though it overlooks the busy Euston Road, it felt very peaceful up there, and the view made us feel a bit in love with London.

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They were serving Betjeman Ale at The Castle (another Geronimo pub) on Pentoville Road, back in January. It had the taste and texture of cloudy water.

On a side note, I quite like Sharps Eden which I’ve seen cropping up now and again.

It wasn’t very exciting, but it definitely wasn’t that bad when we had it. The quality of the beer in yer Geronimo pub is a bit variable in my experience.

You’re right — Eden’s not bad. I usually prefer it to Doom Bar, at any rate.

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