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The week of new pubs #4 – the Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell was a suggestion of a friend for a weeknight catch-up.  It’s a bustling kind of place, despite its cavernous size, with a mix of students and meedja types (and perhaps the odd banker in mufti).

As with a number of would-be trendy pubs, they make a big deal of the beer menu without really having anything to shout about.  Here’s the drinks menu, but you probably only need to read the introductory blurb to get the point;

We wanted to create a pub which served the drinks we wanted to drink, but could never find. And that’s what we’ve done; you’ll find Paulaner wheat beer and Canadian Sleeman Honey Brown lager nestling alongside Bombardier and Timothy Taylor Landlord.

The ale wasn’t worth bothering with. Fortunately, my beer-geek-sight spotted a bottle of Brooklyn lager hidden at the back so I was happy.  There was food in generous portions of a reasonable standard.

All in all, I had a nice night, but there are lots of pubs that have a similar (or better) atmosphere, with great beer, within about 10 minutes of this place.

Good name, though — borrowed from An American Werewolf in London?


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Gets very noisy with just a few people in there, which suits the atmosphere they’re trying to create. Beer is always a tad pricey – paid £8 for two pints of the Sleeman IPA last time I was in there. Overall a decent place, but I don’t go there often despite living about three minutes walk away.

No need to be snobby, Ten Inch Wheels. Not every good pub is run by a beer geek. In fact, I’d suggest that most pubs run by beer geeks are fucking awful.

Jeff — I think TIW’s point is that it’s a bit rich to bang on about the rare and interesting beers you’ve hunted down (implying some kind of expertise and discernment) and then get the name of one of the best known beers in the world wrong.

And anyroadup, I thought you enjoyed a bit of snobbery every now and then?

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