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Vaguely tasteful St George's Day brand

Pump clip for Slain, a brown ale from Station House

Slain from the Station House Brewery in Frodsham, Cheshire, is actually pretty nicely branded for a St George’s Day cash-in.

It was so restrained compared to the other beers on the bar (British Bulldog and Old Enoch Powell) that it took me a while to ‘get it’.

As for the beer, I think it’s the only example of what those who are into beer styles would call a ‘northern brown ale’  I’ve ever had on draught. It wasn’t fantastic, but it certainly made a change.

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Just a naive question here, but what do UK and specifically English subjects have against a little light patriotism? We can see the slippery slope that extreme patriotism can lead to here in the states with the stupid ‘love it or leave it’ bumper stickers but near veneration of the constitution and declaration of independence not to mention flying the national flag on flag day, July 4th and vets. day are so common here that skepticism of such displays is intriguing to me. If you could explain this to me I’d be gratified. Thanks.

I can only speak for myself, but I find it a bit tacky, given that we lorded it over half the world (and especially the other countries in the British Isles)for a long time. We’re a very economically successfuly country, with a high standard of living, whose language is spoken all over the world. That’ll do me. No need to shout about it.

Thant is pretty sad for a nation whose navy fought slavery and which spread the finest and most participatory political and legal systems throughout the world. I am no monarchist but at the end of the day there is plenty for England (and Britain) to be very proud of and should make something of it.

What annoys me is the feeling that St George’s Day is getting forced on us – usually by the tabloids bleating on about it. I’m as patriotic and proud of England (and Britain as a united whole) as it comes but I don’t feel the need wrap myself in the flag.

I’ll settle for the feeling I get when I see a village war memorial or hear a Merlin engine – or get treatment for my dodgy elbow on the NHS – which was created by an exhausted, bankrupt Britain which later became the 4th largest economy on the planet – for free.

which spread the finest and most participatory political and legal systems throughout the world
The participatoriness is kinda diminished when you don’t get a choice in whether you participate or not.

Different question and I don’t recall anyone being asked whether they wanted this system or that as even the revolutions are run by those others who say they know better but really just have the better arms.

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