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The Edgar Wallace

It’s always great to stumble upon a nice pub in London selling more than the usual Adnam’s, Pride and Deuchars*.

A work outing of all things brought me to the Edgar Wallace, on Essex Street (opposite the Royal Courts of Justice) which had seven or eight handpumps featuring interesting brews from around the country.  It was a school night, so I stuck to a couple of corking sub-4%-ers. They were Dark Star Mild for May, and Phoenix Hopsack, a pleasantly bitter pale ale.  If you want more info on the range available, their website is regularly updated with what’s on tap and what’s in the cellar.

The pub also does decent, reasonably priced food.

Beer in the evening review here.


*Not that I have anything against Adnam’s, or Pride, but they seem to be on offer everywhere in central London.

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I visited for the first time recently for their last beer festival – excellent pub – a good vibe with a great mix of city folk, beer tickers and tourists. (GBG 07/08/09)

Now one of my regulars-or am I now one of its regulars? Deuchars and Pride, yes, but not as much Adnams (which I quite like) about as I would have thought.

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