What is this? QVC?


We’ve been trying to get our hands on this particular piece of pointless tat for a couple of years, having seen it in an Sunday lifestyle supplement. We finally succeeded on our recent trip to Cornwall.

In short, it’s a metal beer carrier which fits six 330ml bottles perfectly. It has a bottle opener attached, and is designed so that you can chuck ice in around the bottles to keep them cool.

Nice idea but, sadly, it made us look like a right pair of idiots walking through the mean streets of Leytonstone last week.

It cost £20 and is sold by these people.

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Paul — it beats an old carrier bag clanking around on the bus.

Laura — we like it too, but it is a bit silly. And it doesn’t hold standard 500ml ales bottles, so your bag is probably a better bet.

Tim — it’s Amber Lager — we drank it at a barbecue, out of the bottle, like barbarians. It tastes better from the bottle, actually.

That definately wouldn’t be that daftest thing I’ve seen carried through Leytonstone.

I’ve always thought a milkman’s galvanised bottle carrier would do nicely.

I really like that beer carrier and may actually get one myself. I am not such a fan of the Flying Dog IPA though, would prefer Stone Ruination in that carrier.

In my best Partridge-esque QVC-oresenter voice – “er, well, we’ve been quide liderally overwhelmed by callers for our little bottle-carriers . . .”

. . . by that I mean that the website you guided us to have now sold out of them – I hope you’re on commission ;~)

“And it doesn’t hold standard 500ml ales bottles” I’m sorry, but here in the barbarian world, a 12 oz. long-neck fills the bill and six of them fills the bottle carrier with built in opener.

10IW — I myself have carried dafter things through Leytonstone…

Anon — no, we’re not on comission — that site was just the only place online we could find selling them. We bought ours in a little shop in St Ives.

Ed — I think it’s only fat little British ale bottles that won’t fit, annoyingly.

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