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A La Becasse, Brussels


We’ve been to Brussels loads of times now, but never made it to A La Becasse, famous for serving sweetened lambic in earthenware jugs.

We put that right on our most recent trip to Germany — we had a quick stopover in Brussels and fancied a sour hit.  It’s a nice little place, friendly staff and very handy for the Grand Place.  The lambic comes courtesy of Timmermans, and it is indeed sweetened and served in jugs.  It tastes not unlike sweet scrumpy cider, and is very refreshing, albeit not that exciting.  The lambic blanc is more interesting than the sweet lambic, as there is definitely more spiciness.

It wasn’t enough to quench the thirst for sourness, though, so we also ordered a bottle of Iris from Cantillon for the next round.  Oh, wow.  We’ve had this before, but forgot just how wonderful it is. Because it’s dry-hopped, you get an amazing aroma, like an American IPA, at the same time as the sourness takes over your tongue, and then a complex fruity aftertaste.

We vowed to stop off at Cantillon on the way back and stock up.

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Including their website. They use a funny phrase, though — “cold hopping”.

The Iris sounds great. I’m planning on visit Brussels (I’ve never been!!) as soon as we can find 2 for 1 tickets on the Eurostar!

We’re coming to the view that Brussels is a bit of a let down as a city, but if it’s beer and pubs you’re after, you can’t go wrong.

My local brewpub has a Bock on at the moment which they describe as being “double brewed” and “double hopped”. I must get along there and ask what the heck that means.

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