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Beer with zing

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

The Brunswick Inn in Derby has quite a following. A friend of ours who grew up in Derby said, without hesitation, that it was the one pub we had to make sure we visited on our trip.

And, sure enough, it is truly one of the country’s great pubs, and worth visiting Derby for in its own right.

There aren’t many brewpubs in Britain and many of those that we’ve visited have less than exciting beer. That is not the case in the Brunswick: the beer didn’t seem especially complex or clever, but was unbelievably fresh. When people say cask ale is alive, this is what they mean.

The pale and hoppy White Feather (3.6%) was the stand out — it was easy to believe that it hadn’t long stopped fermenting.

There were also several guest ales in perfect condition and very tasty, but lacking the zing of the own-brand beers, none of which were anything other than delicious.

We are by no means the first beer bloggers to spot the Brunswick:

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Sorry, you’re about 10 years too late. The Brunny used to be great, now it’s very average IMO – beer quality poor, even more expensive than when Trevor had it and the guests are boooooring.

If you ever get the chance to go back in time, try it in 1995.

Art film? Well, I have been called a piss-artist in my time. I’m happy and indeed proud to have the Brunswick as my almost-local, White Feather is one of my absolute favourite beers. And still less than 2 quid a pint. It’s never going to be a scooping pub again as it was in its halcyon days, but as a brewpub offering solid English cask it’s a knockout.

Except when they don’t flush the lines out and everything tastes of cleaning fluid. Tards.

… and that sign’s been changed too, it used to say “a true free house and brewery” so when Everards bought it off Uncle Trev they had to change it but I’ve not noticed until now!

Derby’s not the place it was scoop-wise although there’s still plenty of decent beer about and more good pubs than there used to be.

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