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Brodie's Beers, Leyton

The Sweet William Brewery in Leyton

A while back, we were excited to discover that the Sweet William brewery in Leyton/Walthamstow had reopened. Last night, in search of a dartboard for Bailey’s Mum and Dad, we ended up back at the William IV (the brewery tap) and took the opportunity to try a few more “Brodie’s Beers” while they chucked some arrers.

The range of beers on offer is expanding. In fact, it’s getting silly. We’re full of admiration for their adventurousness (Jamaican stout! 7.2% porter!) although, like a lot of smaller breweries operating without state-of-the-art, robotically controlled, artificially intelligent equipment from Munich, they have the odd quality control issue.

In the case of their bottled London Lager, poor quality control created a happy accident — a sour, cloudy beer that should have been called London Geuze. Delicious.

The bottled wheat beer (called simply Wit) was the star of the night, though. It poured with a huge ice-cream-like head that lasted, and lasted, and lasted. We didn’t pick up particularly on Cascade aromas, but they perhaps created some of the authentically continental fruity aromas? It’s a real beer geek’s product — one for everyone who’s ever said: “I love German wheat beer, but I wish it was a bit more bitter.” We got through quite a few.

The photo above is from Brodie’s Beers’ website, which is another thing they’ve done a good job putting together.

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Leigh — we’ll let you know how it is when we try it.

TIW — they’re supplying four or five pubs, including one in Soho, although I imagine that’s them at or near capacity for the size of brewery.

Having a Brodie’s-serving pub near work (the Charles I) means I’m familiar – maybe over-familiar – with both the Jamaican stout and the 7.2% porter. They’re both wonderful, and will rip to shreds any plans you may have had for a constructive evening. Highly recommended, in other words.

WHAT A GOOD BREWER.I agree the WIT is great example of a hoppy white beer .Ive seen their beer at a few fests butnot the WIT which is a shame as its one of the best beers i drank last year

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