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Pizza and Belgian beer


We’re always bemoaning the lack of decent beer in restaurants, so a quick shout out for da Salzo, an Italian restaurant opposite Victoria Coach Station in central London.

I stumbled in there one evening with a friend, craving pizza.  I was absolutely delighted to discover they had Brugse Zot in the fridge.  This is a pleasant beer at the best of times, but tasted all the better because I wasn’t expecting it. It also went very well with goats cheese pizza.

They had a couple of other decent options as well, although I can’t remember exactly what…

Why don’t more restaurants have a Belgian beer on offer? It’s not like they go off in a hurry and they really do add a touch of class.


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According to the wine list on the website, they also have Duvel, Steenbrugge (though it doesn’t say which one) and Boon Kriek – pretty impressive. Peroni Gran Riserva is about as interesting as it gets in the Italian restaurants I’ve been to…

I agree – Beer & Pizza can be one of beer/food’s greatest matches simply due to the range of possibilities…but you generally get bland faux-italian piss to drink. I’m visiting London in August and may well check this place out. Cheers!

Pizza and beer is a staple nutritional combination here in the States! (Not necessarily good beer, or good pizza mind you>) The potential to improve this pairing is easy, especially on the beer side of the mix.

Belgian beer & pizza sounds like a perfect lunch to me!

Enjoyed a half of Brugse Zot tonight in the Beehive, Marylebone. Only a half as it was £5.50/pint. Yikes.

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