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Delicious, if rather acid


Last week, we had some raspberries and strawberries that needed earing and had a sudden hunch that they’d be really, really nice with Cantillon Iris. You put fruit in lambic beers, right? And lambics are fruity (scrumpy cider-like) and tart, just as raspberries can be, right?

We’re not always good at this food and beer matching lark, but this time, our instincts were right. It was spot on and felt very indulgent.

If you try it yourself, though, our tip is to eat fewer raspberries, and drink less Iris — a small wine glass is more than enough.

Or pig out like we did, but make sure you’ve got some Gaviscon handy…

2 replies on “Delicious, if rather acid”

Cantillon Iris is a new one on me. I’m familiar with their Rose and Gueuze which I love, so I will have to seek out this one!

Iris is a nice beer, though I prefer the classic gueuze and fruit beers. Last time I had the Iris, I snacked on some apples and Vermont cheddar, which turned out to be a pleasant match.

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