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Duran Duran and Carlsberg


We spent yesterday at London’s Lovebox festival watching Florence and the Machine, Gang of Four and Duran Duran, amongst others.

This seemed to be one of those festivals fuelled by alcohol rather than drugs, so there were lots of young men swaggering about  shirtless, slurring and falling over.

Sadly, the booze options were limited to Tuborg in tins, Gaymers cider in paper cups, or a generic product simply called “BEER” served from back-mounted kegs by roving salespeople. We eventually worked out that it was Carlsberg.

Surely there must be some way to combine this kind of thing with the Great British Beer Festival? One’s got soul but no beer; the other has beer but no soul.

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CAMRA could start by having music at their festivals that doesn’t appeal to old people only. Or worse still, no music.

I’ve long thought festival promoters are missing a trick here. There was that “Hop Farm” festival in Kent recently, which trumpeted the fact that it had no corporate sponsorship or branding. No idea if they did, but surely the location would mean they’d get some kind of decent beer on? Hope so.

I guess small breweries like Brewdog (whose brand would have fit Lovebox perfectly) can’t afford the sponsorship fee they’d be expected to stump up.

Hence former-Marxist ex-punks end up playing the Gaymer’s Cider stage while a huge inflatable Gaymers branded apple bounces around in the crowd…

Don’t be so sure that Brew Dog’s branding would be such a perfect fit. In my experience Tim Taylor’s classic styling appeals more to da youf.

Ah, soul!
I like the idea of decent beer at a music festival but as much as I love music (more than beer it has to be said, and especially if it’s loud and fast) I much prefer my beer festivals without music

I was at the Latitude festival last week and was pleasently suprised by 2 bitters alongside the gaymers and the Tuborg. A very drinkable Scarecrow from the Mighty Oak plus a golden ale called Pure.

Boak will be there, while I’m out of town for work. People will begin to doubt I exist at this rate.

I was at Beautiful Days festival in Devon last weekend, the bars were well stocked with beers from the nearby Otter Brewery (Otter Ale, Otter Amber, Otter Bright, Otter Bitter and Beautiful Daze), they also had a good selection of locally made ciders.

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