Tasty treats at the Charles Lamb


The Charles Lamb in Isling­ton is one of our favourites because you can get beau­ti­ful­ly-kept pints of Dark Star Hop­head and But­combe Bit­ter.  (As reg­u­lar read­ers will know, Bai­ley is par­tial to a pint of foam­ing But­combe. Hur hur.)

We were delight­ed to find that they also have the leg­endary Jaipur on at the moment.  Do I need to rave about how love­ly this beer is?  It stood up very well the Amer­i­can ‘extreme’ beers I was drink­ing on Fri­day, not just in terms of hop­pi­ness, but its won­der­ful vis­cous body.

The Charles Lamb has also recent­ly replaced Ams­tel with Mean­time Helles (great idea) and are now fea­tur­ing “lim­it­ed edi­tion” spe­cials from said Lon­don brew­ery.  This mon­th’s offer­ing was the Elder­flower Mai­bock, which was rather odd.  We want­ed to like it, but it was a lit­tle too sweet, and tast­ed a bit like a rub­bish dun­kles from a north Ger­man brew­pub.

For more about the Charles Lamb, see their web­site.  As well as full meals, they do a great range of bar snacks, like pot­ted prawns and toast.


Pho­to from Andy­rob at Flickr, licensed under Cre­ative Com­mons. Thanks, Andy!

13 thoughts on “Tasty treats at the Charles Lamb”

  1. i agree. Jaipur was actu­al­ly more inter­est­ing than allot of IPA’s I have had in the states, an intregu­ing beer.

  2. At 5.9%, though, it was just the right strength to tempt some of the peo­ple we were with into drink­ing pints, which they lat­er regret­ted…

  3. In the not too dis­tant future we’ll be doing the Mean­time spe­cial brews on tap too. Sor­ry to hear you don’t think the cur­rent one is up to much. I had the Smoked Bock they did last year and the Bel­gian ale they did recent­ly and liked those though, so I’m hope­ful we’ll get some inter­est­ing stuff.

  4. PS. Like the Charles Lamb a lot too. Love­ly pub. The only beef I have with them is how much they charge for their Scotch eggs and pork pies! I used to sell the same ones so know exact­ly how big a mark-up they were apply­ing – and it was pret­ty mas­sive!

  5. Don’t for­get about Mascha, the pub dog. I find dogs in the pub are one of the more charm­ing aspects of British pubs. It’s rare that you find that here in the States.

  6. A nice place when it’s not too crammed – and as Jeff says, the snacks are exor­bi­tant­ly priced.

    We tried the mai­bock a few weeks ago in Rochester (the Man of Kent which has 3 Mean­time beers on tap) and like you, we found it rather want­i­ng in all depart­ments. A nice idea per­haps…

  7. I’d say that beers like, say, Tim­o­thy Tay­lor Land­lord or Dark Star Hop­head beat the Amer­i­cans at their own game, because it offers much more flavour with only about half the alco­hol con­tent. Jaipur’s great but it’s still too strong for ses­sion drink­ing and there­fore has a very lim­it­ed mar­ket, here or any­where else (includ­ing the US).

  8. ful­ly agree RE; what’s ses­sion­able, and what’s not. for me, too many great amer­i­can beers are too much to be ses­sion­able, and there­in lies thi­er down­fall…

  9. Thanks for the piece on the Charles Lamb. I’d nev­er been there before and a friend and I had a nice cou­ple of pints of Hop­head there the oth­er night. Dark Star beers are always worth going out of the way for.

    The Jaipur had unfor­tu­nate­ly dis­ap­peared by then or was it just off – I don’t know. Shame as I was look­ing for­ward to that too.

    We both ate and the food was good too – but yes, not the cheap­est estab­lish­ment.

  10. Dark Star and Crouch Vale are two brew­eries whose prod­ucts I am always pleased to see on sale. Lon­don land­lords: ditch the Deuchars and Bom­bardier and get ’em in!

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