Time Out's guide to beer gardens

Beautifully timed for the heatwave, Time Out has published its guide to the best 20 beer gardens in London.

We’d been planning to compile a similar list for a while (two years or so…) but never got round to it, not least because most decent beer gardens tend to be out in the suburbs.  There are certainly a few in here that we’ve been meaning to go to for ages — the Florence in Herne Hill and Stein’s in Richmond, for example.  But then, when one of the best gardens in London is on your doorstep (The Nags Head, Walthamstow) it can be difficult to get on a stuffy Tube to venture elsewhere.

8 replies on “Time Out's guide to beer gardens”

Give me a head’s up if you get on the stuffy tube over to Stein’s as it’s in my neck of the woods. I still have your Porter. Otherwise GBBF ?
Needless to say, I have not visited Stein’s – indeed I had never heard of it but I am straying to the dark side more and more now that I am ex-officio.

Lots of temptations there, I usually visit London in colder months, so there are many of these I haven’t visited.

But surely the Bavarian beers are served in one liter Steins, not two pint Steins? Maybe the reporter had two?

I imagine they make two pint government stamped steins for the UK market — just over a litre!

That’s the brew – I think I read somewhere that Rita’s Best is rebadged Directors these days, though it was once their own beer. I also meant to add that the North Star in Leytonstone have just done up their garden.

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