Champagne moments


So England regain the Ashes, convincingly in the end although I’m sure I wasn’t the only one getting nervous.

When Ponting and then Clarke were run out in short succession, I started hunting around for something bubbly to chill.  We eventually settled on Vigneronne, which is a lambic with added grapes, brewed by Cantillon.

It certainly had the right champers-like consistency and lots of bubbles.  It’s not as overwhelmingly sour as some of the other Cantillon offerings, with a slight sweetness towards the end.  If we didn’t know it had grapes in, we probably wouldn’t have guessed, but all in all it made a nice refreshing drink for the garden.  Iris is still our favourite though.


4 thoughts on “Champagne moments”

  1. Have to say I celebrated with a bottle of White Shield which was as patriotic as I had in the house. As the Aussies might say “You beauty!”

  2. I was looking forward to some Australian Whine made from sour grapes but the convicts went and spoiled it by accepting their defeat with good grace.
    So I went out and got pissed on Murphys instead – I prefer it to either the Guinness or lager which is about all you can get to drink here in Ireland.
    Ireland play England on Thursday in a one-day international in Belfast which means I shall be pissed twice in one week.
    Happy days.

  3. Cantillon for champagne moments strikes a chord with me. When I celebrated my birthday we had a lovely bottle of Rose de Gambrinus. I haven’t had Vigneronne yet but it’s an excuse to go back to Brussels to try some.

    @Showbizguru You can get good beer in Ireland, you just have to hunt a bit more but it is out there.

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