Jurassic Park

Raul Cano has successfully cultivated yeast from the contents of the belly of an insect trapped in amber 45 million years ago. That’s mindblowing enough.

When you hear that he’s entered into business with a brewer to produce Fossil Fuel Ale using this ancient, super-sturdy yeast, it just gets cooler.

Apparently, it acts like ale yeast at first, fermenting furiously at the top, before sinking to the bottom to carry on working.

Read the whole story at Wired.

And Alan spotted this last year, of course, well before Wired got onto the story…

2 replies on “Jurassic Park”

Wow– mind blowing. Though I question the scientist’s sense of ownership about the yeast and the fear of “unscrupulous” brewers collecting and reusing the yeast!

I agree. He should probably have more faith in the quality of his brand and the story behind it to sell the beer, rather than waste time and money trying to stop people borrowing his yeast.

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