Generalisations about beer culture

What kind of pub is this?


There are certain signs which can indicate the kind of pub you’re about to walk into — or not!

Here are some of our favourites.

1. Sky Sports.

2. Illy Coffee sold here.

3. Free Wi-Fi.

4. A large George Flag.

5. A large rainbow flag.

6. Shots for £1! Two meals for £5!

7. Live Jazz here on Sunday afternoons.

8. This is PUB, not a CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND — please keep your children under control.

9. Travellers by Appointment Only.

10. Drug dealing will not be tolerated on these premises.

Photo is of the British Lion in Haggerston, East London, nicked from EwanM (thanks, Ewan!). We think it’s a pub aimed at a very particular market.

9 replies on “What kind of pub is this?”

I’ll never understand why people go to the pub for a shit. I usually just go for the beer!

Large rainbow flag – not seen that one.

I’m afraid to say that I have cleaned pub toilets, in my teenage waitering days. I was the most junior member of staff, you see. I also had to pick up the landlord’s dog’s shit from the children’s playground in and fish dessicated poo out of the ball pool. Yes, kids used to shit themselves in the ball pool. Joy.

Do non-customers make more of a mess than customers? I guess my feeling is that if a tramp wants to come and use pub’s bog, a sign won’t stop him, but it will contribute to an air of passive aggression.

Then again, you can’t get much more passive aggressive than an anonymous blog post…

Paul Garrard August 22, 2009 at 9:48 pm:

Not seen a large rainbow flag, you need to get down to Old Compton Street, W1.

“Please do not remove your muddy boots as hot and sweaty feet can offend” – Forest Lodge, Inveroran, Scotland, c.1990

“Casual dress only – yuppies in suits and ties will not be served” – Kingsbridge Arms, Isle of Dogs, London, c.1995

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