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Bowling and American Beer in London


There are now several trendy bowling places in London, following the success of Bloomsbury Lanes which opened a few years back.

On Friday, we went with a bunch of mates to All Star Lanes, also in Bloomsbury/Holborn, and were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the beer on offer.

We’re huge fans of Brooklyn Lager, so we had a couple of those. We also tried Sierra Nevada Summerfest (Beer Nut’s not convinced; we weren’t impressed either) and finished with our beer of the week, Anchor Liberty Ale. We were also pleased to see Sierra Nevade Pale Ale and Brooklyn Chocolate Stout on the menu. All were priced at around £4 a bottle.

Sadly, but understandably, most people there were going for the cheaper option: a bucket of Coors Light.

There are also exciting looking cocktails, milkshakes and ice cream floats. Would a Brooklyn Chocolate Stout ice-cream float work? We’re sure Mark will get round to trying that soon, at any rate.

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A Brooklyn Chocolate Stout and vanilla ice cream float?! That would be bloody lovely, I’m sure!

Bowling and American beer sounds good – two of my favourite things.

ah – good timing! this was on ‘the list’ of places to visit when I popped down for the weekend recently – but we didnt make it out to Brick Lane. Needless to say, it will be visited.

Mark — would the bitterness of the beer be a problem? Or would all that sugar ice-cream balance it out? Got to be worth a go.

TIW — is the bottled version a favourite of yours? I’ve never liked it much, but I can see that it would be a nice surprise where you were expecting Budweiser.

Bloomsbury Bowling’s hardly trendy – I think a big part of it’s appeal is ho down to earth it is. I’ve always loved the place, but haven’t been for a bit sadly.

Bailey, I think the bitterness would be fine with BCS as a lot of it is roasty. It’s a good choice because the beer is really full bodied and thick. I’ve tried it with a BrewDog Paradox which worked ok but the beer didn’t have the body for it to be really good. I’ve got plans for BCS so watch this space 🙂

Shame not to review Bloomsbury Lanes, which unlike their chain competition has draft beers – Bernard, Meantime and Bitburger. Only Adnams ales though.

Any old bar can pick up stock Brooklyn beer and charge £5 a bottle. Coors Light.. people are crazy its water.

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