Bowling and American Beer in London


There are now sev­er­al trendy bowl­ing places in Lon­don, fol­low­ing the suc­cess of Blooms­bury Lanes which opened a few years back.

On Fri­day, we went with a bunch of mates to All Star Lanes, also in Bloomsbury/Holborn, and were pleas­ant­ly sur­prised by the qual­i­ty of the beer on offer.

We’re huge fans of Brook­lyn Lager, so we had a cou­ple of those. We also tried Sier­ra Neva­da Sum­mer­fest (Beer Nut’s not con­vinced; we weren’t impressed either) and fin­ished with our beer of the week, Anchor Lib­er­ty Ale. We were also pleased to see Sier­ra Nevade Pale Ale and Brook­lyn Choco­late Stout on the menu. All were priced at around £4 a bot­tle.

Sad­ly, but under­stand­ably, most peo­ple there were going for the cheap­er option: a buck­et of Coors Light.

There are also excit­ing look­ing cock­tails, milk­shakes and ice cream floats. Would a Brook­lyn Choco­late Stout ice-cream float work? We’re sure Mark will get round to try­ing that soon, at any rate.

11 thoughts on “Bowling and American Beer in London”

  1. A Brook­lyn Choco­late Stout and vanil­la ice cream float?! That would be bloody love­ly, I’m sure!

    Bowl­ing and Amer­i­can beer sounds good – two of my favourite things.

  2. ah – good tim­ing! this was on ‘the list’ of places to vis­it when I popped down for the week­end recent­ly – but we did­nt make it out to Brick Lane. Need­less to say, it will be vis­it­ed.

  3. Mark – would the bit­ter­ness of the beer be a prob­lem? Or would all that sug­ar ice-cream bal­ance it out? Got to be worth a go.

    TIW – is the bot­tled ver­sion a favourite of yours? I’ve nev­er liked it much, but I can see that it would be a nice sur­prise where you were expect­ing Bud­weis­er.

  4. Blooms­bury Bowl­ing’s hard­ly trendy – I think a big part of it’s appeal is ho down to earth it is. I’ve always loved the place, but haven’t been for a bit sad­ly.

  5. Most­ly – but I’d choose cask every­time in Tay­lor’s own pubs (espe­cial­ly at the Bolt­mak­ers which serves the defin­i­tive pint, in my opin­ion).

  6. Bai­ley, I think the bit­ter­ness would be fine with BCS as a lot of it is roasty. It’s a good choice because the beer is real­ly full bod­ied and thick. I’ve tried it with a Brew­Dog Para­dox which worked ok but the beer did­n’t have the body for it to be real­ly good. I’ve got plans for BCS so watch this space 🙂

  7. Shame not to review Blooms­bury Lanes, which unlike their chain com­pe­ti­tion has draft beers – Bernard, Mean­time and Bit­burg­er. Only Adnams ales though.

    Any old bar can pick up stock Brook­lyn beer and charge £5 a bot­tle. Coors Light.. peo­ple are crazy its water.

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