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Duvel Green


I’ve been going through my phone and reminding myself of some good beer experiences that I haven’t got round to reading about.

One of these was drinking draft Duvel Green in the Dove about a month ago.  It was all over the blogoshire* last year, but this was our first go on it.  We really enjoyed it finding it lighter, less sweet and spicier than the 8.5% version.  It also went beautifully with mussels in a blue cheese sauce, which brought out the bitterness.

* for example… the Beer Nut reviewed the bottled version and didn’t see the point.  Here’s a nice review on the draft version from Lew Bryson, who reckons it goes well with fish.


3 replies on “Duvel Green”

Completely agree with your comments about the Duvel Green. I really like it. It is weaker than the red and you can comfortably session on it, you can’t really session on the usual red Duvel. I often call into All Bar One for a few on the way back home from work.

It’s a good beer. Had one in the Clarence in Balham, and again in an Allbarone* on Regent’s Street.

* That’s how the chairman of M&B pronounces it.

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