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Pirates, pale ale and pork sandwiches

Wedmore Real Ale Festival 2009

We’ve got a standing commitment to go to the annual Wedmore Real Ale Festival in Somerset as often as possible.

We’ve described the unusually young, party-like, community atmosphere before
, so we’ll just update a couple of topical details: the fancy dress theme this year was pirates, and the live band, Loose Change, were led by the absurdly charismatic local hero Pete Hicks.

These were the highlights on the beer front:

3 replies on “Pirates, pale ale and pork sandwiches”

Loose Change? were they conspiracy theorists? Anyway, we spent some itme at the York Beer Fest this weekend and also filled up on roast pork sandwiches. I’m beginning to wonder if I could do a fest without one.

Apparently, they’ve been called that since 1979, so I don’t think there’s a connection…

Pork sandwiches were nice, but the bread was pretty cheap and I’d have liked a bit of mustard. It was apple sauce or nowt.

of course we are constipated theatricals, I planned an attack on the twin towers of Marks and Spencers and John Lewis, but was foiled by early closing.God, this ciders good
By the way Bailey it was 1976
See you next year???????

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