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Get down on it

I’ve always  been a bit baffled by all the moaning about “piped music” in real ale circles, but I had a little glimpse into the mindset behind that last night.

After a pint in the Old Mitre off Hatton Garden (ancient and wonky, with brilliant beer) I walked through the City with my mates. There was an autumnal bite in the air, maybe a hint of mist; passing through the little Dickensian back streets around Watling Street, near St Pauls, we all agreed  it felt we’d stepped back in time.

We approached a cosy, Victorian-looking pub and stepped inside to be greeted by…


And the atmosphere was gone.


One reply on “Get down on it”

Not a big fan of Kool & The Gang so I would have probably felt the same. I only object to piped music if it doesn’t agree with my taste. Otherwise it is fine by me!

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